Hafsa Malik
6 min readOct 17, 2021


Reflecting Back To A Time Well Spent!

At times like this, I wish I had a time machine. How is it possible that a time as brief as three months can seem like such a distant memory at the same time? I scratched my head, stroked the back of my neck, ran my fingers through my hair, but all I could recall were the smiles, chuckles, and pleasant moments like a reel. I mulled and pondered, but I couldn’t pinpoint the precise sentiment or even number a memory.

Have you ever had this happen to you? That when you look back on a period, you can recall every detail but can’t put a date on it. For example, when did a specific event occur? You know it happened, you experience all the emotions, but you can’t put it down to a certain time, day, or even year.

Reflecting back on the journey, it seemed like it had been years since I had joined Amal. It’s as though I’ve known Sir Saim (our PA) and Mam Wajiha (our PM, Lord! I hope I’m correct. God knows this has been a source of consternation) since forever. I can’t really fathom how my weekend would be without them. I recall the orientation and interview. I was so nonchalant about everything. I joined Amal after seeing the word “counselling” in an advertisement. I sought to explore what makes me, me, and how I might improve my shortcomings. Amal, I felt, was the answer. Mam Hajira and Sir Babar, I believe, took my interview. They were extremely pleasant and easy to connect with. I was in my element.

And then, at the orientation, I met Sir Saim. I don’t know If he remembers, but he told me that I must be lazy for wanting Telepathy and Telekinesis as my superpower (If I ever have one). It made me laugh out because he was so on point. My mom would agree, so would my dad, although he would never tell that to my face since I’m his favourite (I like using that to my advantage). Hey! No judgements, I mean put your hand on your heart and with scouts honour, say you wouldn’t misuse something like this. I have 3 siblings and they are as witty as they come. I have to have an arsenal and the supreme command’s (my dad) favouritism is the only weapon I have at my disposal.

If you know me, you must have a notion that I have a habit of getting off-topic and that the thoughts in my brain float visually in front of my eyes. As a result, I practically grab them before they flee. So, without further ado, here are some pictures that remind me of my first two weeks at Amal, not necessarily in a particular order.


This is a snippet from Tim Urban’s TED presentation. This is a clever piece of work on my part since I managed to kill three birds with one stone. You see, Youtube itself, TED talks and the word “procrastination” will always be a kind reminder of Amal. My YouTube, on the other hand, has never had the pleasure of showcasing TED presentations in its suggestions. It featured music (one may be seen peeping out from the right side-bottom), psychology, Greek mythology, MythBusters, movies, and other elements. This was the only TED talk that I watched. But now, the word “TED” will always conjure up images of the fellowship and its courses for me.


This photograph depicts an ambulance. This will always remind me of Edhi sb’s life story, and, ultimately, of Amal. Amal’s core value was to be as compassionate as Edhi.


Is that a laptop? Do I see you raising your eyebrow at this one? Well, I’m being cheeky. My laptop betrayed me after the fellowship interview and orientation, those were the only times I joined Amal via laptop. First, it was the camera and then the audio. I couldn’t send it to get it fixed since I never got the time and I needed it constantly. My facilitators would know. But still, it will always remind me of Amal. A bittersweet feeling at this point. Only a week remains now for our journey to come to an end.


The second course, “Teamwork,” was my first team. Amal has taught us many things, including “Teamwork (Ek or Ek Gyaara)” and “Just Start (Amal).” This fellowship introduced me to so many diverse individuals, and it was these people that reminded me of Amal. We were all different people with various difficulties, but in that session, we were all equals, we were all a family. Amal gave us this sensation, the nostalgic breeze of events from the first two weeks till now, the appreciation for something constructive and this new concept of a growth mindset. It is this emotion of doing something worthwhile that would stay with us and remind us of Amal as a whole, not only the first two weeks.

When I originally began my fellowship, I had no inkling what would happen or what it entailed. Nonetheless, after the first two sessions and the courses “Living a Life Purpose” and “Finding Your Why,” I had a peculiar sense of achievement. I saw a snippet of a movie that I would not have watched on my own. Amal has driven me to do things, I would never have done on my own. It was “The Pursuit of Happiness,” one of Will Smith’s best movies. This movie is based on the true tale of Chris Gardner, who faced several obstacles in his life but was able to surmount them through perseverance and hard work. I recommend that you watch it as well. It’s insightful, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as well.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that those first two courses showed me that Amal is really about your practical efforts, it is about getting out of your comfort zone and making an effort not for the sake of marks or an award but for your own personal growth and development. The first two weeks reminds me of going on a journey, I didn’t know the path or destination of. However, when I dwell back on it, it reminds me of a journey to self-development, new relationships, and new prospects.

In the end, all that matters is your dedication to yourself, your desire to change for the better and your willingness to seize chances when they present themselves. If you wish to go on an enlightening journey to a world of limitless possibilities, I recommend that you join Amal. They’d assist you in figuring it out.

Even If this is not from the first week, I wanted to share it as a depiction of how far we have come with the Amal Family.